14 facts about the present Hachiko
This week on Yu TV you will see a drama that will not leave anyone indifferent - “Hachiko: The most loyal friend.” The film is based on the real story…

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Japanese dogs
Breed description Japanese Akita Inu dogs have a whole range of great qualities, in all their looks royalness and serenity can be read, as if they stand above all the…

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Dog diseases
Every dog ​​owner should understand that Sobakobak Diseases, like all living things, are subject to different diseases.Dog diseases are largely dependent on the conditions of the pet and the quality…

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At what age to buy a puppy?

All your life you dream to buy a dog, since childhood you dreamed that one day you will get a faithful friend for a birthday or good behavior, but your childhood dream has remained a dream.You grew up, live separately or have a family, and sometimes from time to time you get the idea of ​​buying a dog again. And if you also had children born who also dream of getting a fluffy friend, then the question of buying a dog becomes very relevant, it’s time to make a decision!

Before deciding to take such a serious step as buying a dog, you need to weigh the pros and cons, to understand how much your desire fits your abilities. Whether it is a whim, because after buying a dog, your life will change in many ways.

First, decide what purpose you are buying a dog.
You need a strong and powerful protector, a loyal and devoted friend, a small and nimble pet, with whom you and your children can play fun. Maybe you have plans to breed pedigreed puppies for sale? The purpose of buying a dog will affect the choice of dog breed.
Assess the future place of your dog’s life.
If you live in a small apartment, then buying a St. Bernard is not a sensible decision. A large dog needs space, crowded in a small, stuffy apartment – these are not the best conditions for an animal to live. Of course, to say that all large dogs are unhappy in small apartments is impossible, because the happiness of a dog lies in communicating with its owner. A dog like no other pet needs close contact with its owner, it identifies itself with it, its whole life consists in serving its owner. Therefore, a lonely life on a chain in a spacious courtyard of a country house is much more unhappy for a dog than daily close contact with the owner in the space of a small apartment.

The dog needs your attention and care!
Think about who will deal with the dog during your absence, who will walk it 4-5 times a day, regardless of the weather, who the dog will stay with during your business trips and holidays, consider all possible situations. After all, a dog is not a cat that can be accustomed to a tray, and which can live all its life in the space of your apartment. The dog needs walks, active games, chasing the ball, it needs to put its energy somewhere! In addition, you need to be prepared for the fact that until the puppy grows up and does not pass all the necessary vaccinations, it is impossible to walk in the street, and you have to be patient when you need to clean up puddles and piles on the floor in an apartment, it can last up to 3-4 months. Are you ready for such troubles?

Rate your material capabilities.
The dog needs good nutrition and veterinary care. All vaccinations and examinations at the vet are paid. For proper growth and development, as well as maintaining good health, you need to provide your dog with good nutrition. The basis of the dog’s diet should be super-premium food, consisting of natural meat, containing the right balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. A large dog weighing from 35 to 65 kg requires 400-600 g of super-premium class dry food per day. Medium-sized dogs weighing from 15 to 35 kg need 200-400 g of super-premium class dry food per day. Are you able to provide such care? For a family with a modest budget, such expenses may be superfluous!

Remember, buying a dog is a very important step!
Yes, together with the joy of communicating with your beloved friend, you will receive a lot of worries, but these worries are pleasant if you love an animal.

The ability to be responsible for our decisions, to show care and care for a dog, overcoming any inconvenience, wasting time and our time allows us to cultivate a strong character and a good heart. Caring for a creature that needs our help and attention makes us stronger, wiser, cleaner and brighter. Buying a dog can be an excellent educational lesson in a child’s life.

If your child asks you to buy a dog, tell him what will be required of him when caring for the dog, what share of responsibility for the animal will lie on him. Of course, the children hope for our help in caring for animals, with the advent of the dog, you will also have to apply your strength to care for animals. So try to take a dog for a couple of days from your friends. Show your child in practice what it means to take responsibility and care for a living creature.

I buy a puppy! – You made this decision despite all the conditions related to the maintenance of the dog, after weighing all the pros and cons, then move on. Where to start?

And you should start by choosing the place of purchase.

Have you already decided on the desired breed? Read as much information as possible about the features of this breed, conditions of detention and care. Read what you should pay attention to when examining a puppy of this breed, what disadvantages and vulnerabilities are in the health of this breed.

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