Hachiko for the champion
Olympic champion Phenchkhana-2018 Alina Zagitova, it seems, will still receive the gift she dreamed of. This is not a foreign car or an apartment. This is a puppy of Japanese…

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How to raise schen
Raising a puppy should start from the first day the puppy appears in your home. In this article we will touch on different aspects of dog education, you will find…

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Elderly dog
You are the happy owner of a loyal and faithful Mature dog friend, beloved dog. You have been living together for many years and every year your love is getting…


How to care for a dog?
Caring for a dog consists of many factors: How to care for a dog at home? Caring for a dog mascot "Caring for a puppy", we talked about the conditions…

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Dog Breeds: Shiba Inu. Miracle from the Land of the Rising Sun

Continuing my stories about the most interesting dogs, I cannot but introduce you to the rarest breed recognized in Japan as a national treasure. There was a great desire to learn about this amazing dog, but could not remember what it was called. After going through a lot of options, I left nothing without agreeing with the dog handlers. In our city, such a dog breed is not yet, perhaps because of its peculiar nature, and perhaps it is due to material difficulties in its acquisition. Continue reading

Who and why gave Putin an Akita Inu dog named Yume?

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Moscow with representatives of the Japanese media showed them an Akita Inu dog named Yume, which was presented to the Russian leader by the governor of the prefecture Akita Norikhis Satake during his visit in 2012.

“I was told that you wanted to see Yume. Please, I presented it to you, it is in excellent shape, ”said the President. Continue reading

14 facts about the present Hachiko

This week on Yu TV you will see a drama that will not leave anyone indifferent – “Hachiko: The most loyal friend.” The film is based on the real story of a dog who became famous in Japan in 1932: for 10 years he had been waiting for his master at the railway station. This dog showed the world what true friendship and loyalty are. Today we will tell 14 interesting facts about the present Hachiko, but we warn you: by the end of the article it’s hard not to cry. Continue reading

Akita Dogs

In late November 1923, a Akita Inu puppy was born on the outskirts of the Japanese town of Odate (Akita Prefecture). Strictly speaking, he later became a puppy of this particular breed, and at that time few people thought about its name in Japan. Soon, the puppy was sent a thousand kilometers to the Tokyo suburb of Sibuy, to a new owner, Professor Eisaburo Ueno of Tokyo Imperial University. The new pet was his eighth dog and was given the name Hachi, or Hachiko (in Japanese, “hachi” denotes the number eight). Continue reading

Nutrition Akita Inu. What to feed Akita.

The basis of food Akita Inu in his native Japan, are rice, fish, other seafood, algae, a fairly large number of vegetables. Purebred akits for generations are adapted to this diet. The European menu is not very suitable for them – these dogs very often have an allergic reaction to chicken, beef, fatty dairy products, wheat, corn and oatmeal. Continue reading

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The history of the origin of Akita inu
This breed appeared in the province called Akita, which is located on a Japanese island. Initially, it had a name - "Akitamatagi", it was translated as "a dog that prey…


AKITA-INU Country of Origin: Japan Height: 64 - 70 cm (male); 58 - 64 cm (bitch) Weight: 40 - 45 kg (male); 32 - 45 kg (bitch) Content in the…