Fact 1 - Akita Inu Akita Inu dogs, as well as a variety of objects depicting them, in the Land of the Rising Sun symbolize well-being, good health and family…

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Colors Akita Inu, Siba Inu and BLA
Recently, the breed began to gain popularity, there were already several “About Breed” on Picaba, only there were not only Akita, but also BYAS (Am. Akita), Siba-Inu. So let me…

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How to raise schen
Raising a puppy should start from the first day the puppy appears in your home. In this article we will touch on different aspects of dog education, you will find…


Origin, history
Akita Inu is a breed that appeared as a result of the crossing of mastiffs and Chinese spitz-like rocks. This is one of the hypotheses of the origin of Akita…

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carry out prevention

Hachiko – the real story

The Akita Inu dog is the main character in the film Hachiko Story. Good, everyone knows, at least, the American remake of a popular Japanese film, with Richard Gere in the title role. However, not everyone knows that this is the saddest story in the world is actually real.

Indeed, there was a representative of the Akita Inu breed, named Hachiko Hatiko. He had a master — a professor and scholar, Hidesaburo Ueno, whom the dog accompanied every morning to the station, and in the evening came again to meet the master from work. Continue reading

Hachiko for the champion

Olympic champion Phenchkhana-2018 Alina Zagitova, it seems, will still receive the gift she dreamed of. This is not a foreign car or an apartment. This is a puppy of Japanese Akita breed. After the golden performance at the Olympics, Alina told me that she would like such a dog, and told her parents about it. “We’ll see how you perform at the Olympics,” the 15-year-old future champion replied at home. Continue reading