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How to care for a dog?

Caring for a dog consists of many factors: How to care for a dog at home? Caring for a dog mascot “Caring for a puppy”, we talked about the conditions you need to create for your pet for a full life. Be sure to read the materials of this article, in it you will get a lot of useful tips.

In this article we will touch upon the topic of dog grooming, and also talk about the issue of sterilization, whether this procedure is necessary, how it affects the health and health of dogs.

Dog grooming
Caring for a dog’s coat requires some effort on your part, but this procedure is simply necessary for your pet to feel good and comfortable.

Care for the hair of dogs of different breeds depends on the particular coat, thickness and length of hair, soft and capricious hairs. It would seem that the usual procedures for bathing and combing should be the same for everyone, however, there are some nuances in caring for a dog’s coat in each particular case. dog3.jpg
Four groups of dogs can be distinguished according to the degree of difficulty in grooming.

The first group of dogs are the breeds that require the most attention in caring for these breeds. This group includes dogs whose wool must be cut and plucked. This includes such breeds as terriers, cocker spaniels, poodles, schnauzers.

In second place in terms of difficulty in caring for hair are breeds of long-haired dogs. Wool of these dogs should be regularly combed. This is a fairly large group of breeds, for example, collie, Pekingese, Bobtail, etc.

Next come the short-haired breeds, also a fairly large group, which includes Dobermans, Rottweilers, Boxers and many others.

Finally, dogs that have no coat, such as Mexican hairless, Chinese crested, etc., complete this classification. Despite the fact that these dogs do not have wool, this does not mean that they do not need attention, as these dogs need special care. for their skin.

Daily dog ​​grooming is important. After all, not only the appearance of the dog depends on it, combing allows you to get rid of dirt, dandruff, dead skin cells, prevents hair stalling, improves blood circulation of hairs due to a small massage of the skin with a comb.

In order to care for your pet’s coat as efficiently and correctly as possible, it is advisable that you visit professional dog hairdressing salons – grooming salons. There you will be given professional advice on caring for your pet, they will help you choose the right brushes and shampoos, tell you how to care for your pet at home.

In our article, we give general averaged recommendations for grooming dogs.

So, if you are the owner of a pet of a short-haired breed of dog, it means that you will not have any special problems with caring for your dog. For daily care, you need a terry towel or a special mitten, twice a week you need to comb the dog with a brush with a hard natural bristles.

If your dog is a representative of a long-haired breed, then you will need a comb with long and blunt teeth at the ends. Another tool is a pudder, a wire brush, or otherwise, a slicker. It is the Pukhoderka that helps to fight the sticking of wool into mats. However, it is often impossible to use Pukhoderka, otherwise your dog will become bald. Use the Pukhoderka once or twice a month and it will not harm the dog. Only during the molting periods, the pond and comb can be used daily. You may also need a special comb – koltunorezka, mats are mainly formed on the legs, behind the ears and in the armpits.

Dogs with very tough wool need annual haircuts and plucking – trimming. Haircuts are held twice a year, according to an individually developed program. Such a content of a dog is determined not only by the standards of its appearance, but also by the elementary necessity. After all, if you do not pull out and cut the dog with such a hard coat, they are very overgrown and become unkempt to look. However, the lack of appearance is not the main problem in this case, if you do not cut and pull out certain areas of the body, then old hairs will prevent the growth of new ones, the dog will experience constant itching and irritation. Infection and microcracks can get an infection and provoke skin diseases that are very difficult to cure. The style of haircuts for different breeds varies slightly every year. If you want to participate in exhibitions with your pet, then you need to take into account such fashion trends. Today you can find a wide variety of different types of scissors on sale; however, it is not easy for a dog to make a proper haircut, it’s better to turn to professionals.

When choosing hairbrushes and brushes for your dogs, consult the seller in the pet store, he will help you to make the right choice.

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