The history of the origin of Akita inu
This breed appeared in the province called Akita, which is located on a Japanese island. Initially, it had a name - "Akitamatagi", it was translated as "a dog that prey…

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Origin, history
Akita Inu is a breed that appeared as a result of the crossing of mastiffs and Chinese spitz-like rocks. This is one of the hypotheses of the origin of Akita…

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Fact 1 - Akita Inu Akita Inu dogs, as well as a variety of objects depicting them, in the Land of the Rising Sun symbolize well-being, good health and family…


The history of Akita Inu is very interesting, this breed belongs to the 14 most ancient breeds of the world. These are not just words or legends, this fact has…

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How to raise schen

Raising a puppy should start from the first day the puppy appears in your home.
In this article we will touch on different aspects of dog education, you will find out the answer to the question: how to raise a puppy correctly? You must understand that the health of the dog depends not only on how comfortable the conditions of its maintenance, but also on how harmoniously your relationship with the animal in the family develops.

The dog becomes a new member of the family, it comes to the house, where certain rules and limits of what is permitted must be established for it. So the dog will be easier to integrate into your life, to understand the rules in your home, to understand the rules for its need to live.

It is in the childhood of the dog, while it is still an unmindful puppy, that it is necessary to devote a lot of time to education. At puppy age, the dog is easy to learn, her habits are not yet formed, she is trainable. If you miss the time and do not bring up a puppy, he will grow into an uncontrolled and uncontrollable animal, with whom it will be very difficult to live together.

Care and upbringing of a puppy are the two most important tasks at the time of the appearance of a new furry friend in your home. Have patience, it will be a difficult period of adaptation both for you personally and for the puppy.

The article “Care for a puppy” describes the conditions of the puppy, what actions must be taken to ensure the normal growth and development of your pet, describes the issues of vaccination, nutrition and hygiene.

Raising a puppy is concerned with the development of certain skills and abilities in a dog. The main principle in raising a puppy is not to allow the puppy to do something that should be forbidden to an adult dog.

Puppy rearing: where to start?
puppy-17.jpgWhat age to raise a puppy? 2 months. It is at this age that it is optimal to take a puppy home. The puppy’s psyche is already strong enough to move to a new home. First of all, the puppy needs to get acquainted with its new family members, get used to everyone. The process of establishing friendly and trusting relationship directly depends on your attention and attitude to the puppy. He must feel that he is loved here. For this you need to pay a puppy a lot of time. But only one of your family members should become the main owner for him, and everyone else will take part in raising a puppy to a lesser extent.

If the puppy always wants to play with you, meets you, does not want to part with you – these are sure signs that contact has been made.
First of all, the puppy must remember the name!
The first thing you need to teach a puppy is to remember your nickname, to accustom him to the mode and place of feeding, as well as to the place of his rest.

Puppy remembers the nickname quickly, somewhere in 3-4 days. You must constantly pronounce the puppy’s nickname, every time referring to the dog. It is desirable that the dog’s name was short and sonorous.

Puppies should be accustomed to a certain regime; upbringing, care and feeding is very important. Today there is a huge variety of ready-made feeds.
Feeding the puppy
fotografii-sobak-buldog.jpg The advantage of the finished feed is that it contains the right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, corresponding to the needs of dogs of different ages, different degrees of activity and a tendency to certain diseases when a special diet is required.

The main thing is to choose super-premium food, only they meet high quality standards, include only natural ingredients, do not contain chemicals, dyes and genetically modified components.

The number of companies producing feed of such high quality is the German company bosch.

In the bosch line of feeds, you will find a wide range of feeds that take into account the different needs of pets.

In the “Feed Selection” section, you will be offered the best feed option for your dog or puppy, and on the Map you will find the nearest pet store where you can purchase bosch feed.

On the food package, as a rule, the diet and the correct calculation of the size of the portion depending on the weight of the dog are indicated.

Overfeeding and underfeeding are equally harmful to a dog’s health.
Developing skills in a puppy
Care and upbringing of a puppy is to develop certain skills, so you need to teach a puppy to the place that he was assigned in your apartment. To do this, whenever the puppy lies down to rest, it must be transferred to its litter or bedding and say “Place.” Pat him if he gets up from this place and comes after you, bring him back to his place again, repeat the “Place” and give him a treat. This procedure should be repeated several times a day until the puppy gets used to its place.
Puppy hygiene procedures
It is necessary to teach the puppy to hygienic procedures as early as possible. It is necessary to bathe a puppy once a month with a special shampoo for puppies. Comb it daily, cut the claws once a week. Be careful not to cut the claws close to the base, as there is a blood vessel that cannot be damaged.

Allowable common and rare Akita Inu colors
Akita - Inu ranked among the fourteen most ancient types of dogs in the world. This decision was made by scientists on the basis of DNA tests, a thorough study…


Hachiko Breed Dog
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