Akita Colors
AKITA breed is characterized by three main colors, which are approved by the breed standard. The fourth color, til, is recognized by FCI but is not welcome in Japanese breeding.The…

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Allowable common and rare Akita Inu colors
Akita - Inu ranked among the fourteen most ancient types of dogs in the world. This decision was made by scientists on the basis of DNA tests, a thorough study…

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Elderly dog
You are the happy owner of a loyal and faithful Mature dog friend, beloved dog. You have been living together for many years and every year your love is getting…


Japanese Akita Inu dog breed description. To choose a dog?
The nature of the Japanese Akita Inu is direct, assertive, independent and very independent. To train and educate a puppy for a novice, due to the nature of the Akita,…

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How to care for a puppy?

Care for the puppy must be planned in advance, even before the birth of the dog to take care of all the necessary conditions for the birth of newborn babies into the world.The birth of puppies is very joyful, but at the same time a very crucial moment for which you need to prepare in advance.

Care for puppies after birth or how to care for very small puppies?
First of all, you need to highlight a special place where the mother will be with her babies. You must equip it with everything you need, make a soft warm litter, prepare an electric heating pad, it may be necessary to warm the puppies, electric scales for weighing puppies, as well as a dog’s milk replacer, in case there is not enough milk, or the puppies are so weak that they will not be able to suck their own milk and will have to feed them from a syringe with a milk substitute.

Be prepared that in the first days of life of newborn puppies you will need to constantly be close to the dog and its puppies, this is especially true of the young dog, which brings litter for the first time. To do this, take a vacation and ask for help and share the schedule of care and control of the puppies and their mom with one of the household members.

If the dog is experienced, care for newborn puppies will not require much effort and attention from you. Dogs that do not become mothers for the first time are very attentive and caring attitude to puppies, they lick them especially carefully and regularly, which is very important for the life of newborn puppies. The fact is that licking stimulates blood circulation, digestion and bowel movement, as well as breathing of a newborn puppy. Newborn puppies cannot defecate themselves, it is the licking of the dog-mother that stimulates this process. In the first days of puppy life, they are clean and dry precisely because of such careful care from their mother. If the dog is inexperienced or in a weakened state after a cesarean section and cannot often lick the puppies, then you will have to periodically wipe the tummies of the pups with a damp cloth and thus stimulate their vital processes.

How to care for a puppy? From the first days of life, blind and deaf puppies can suck milk, making pushing movements with their front and hind legs, these actions create a nipple massage and stimulate milk production. It is very important that the first feeding of the puppies is colostrum. This is the first portion of milk that is produced in a dog for the first 3-5 days, the composition of colostrum has unique qualities, this milk contains nutrients and immunoglobulins that protect weak puppy organisms from various infections.

The sucking reflex is fixed from birth, it is not necessary to teach this puppies. However, there are situations when the puppies are so weak that I cannot suck on my own or stick to the nipple. Then you need to help, hold the puppy, open his mouth and put the nipple in his mouth, you first need to massage the dog’s mammary glands so that colostrum is released from the nipple. The smell of colostrum provokes a puppy’s sucking reflex. If the puppies are very weak and are not able to suck on their own, then you will have to feed them from the syringe every 2 hours with a dog milk substitute. The first volumes of feeding from the syringe is 0.5-1 ml of milk; upon reaching a two-week period, a puppy can consume 5-10 ml of milk or a milk substitute.

It is very important to monitor the weight of babies. Starting from the second day of life, puppies need to be weighed daily, they must add weight daily. If this does not happen, then the puppies receive insufficient nutrition, the mother does not have enough milk and you need to additionally feed them from the syringe with milk or its substitute.

Watch the dog’s mammary glands, if there is an excess of milk, it can develop mastitis, which can be determined by swollen, hard and painful glands, they are hot and have a lumpy surface. At the first signs of mastitis, it is necessary to lubricate these mastitis-affected glands with camphor oil and conduct a gentle massage to get rid of stagnation in the mammary gland. If this does not help, be sure to consult your veterinarian!

Separately, care should be taken to maintain heat at the location of the puppies. Newborn puppies cannot control their body temperature, they are susceptible to hypothermia. Puppies warm their mom with their bodies, and puppies warm each other when they are in close contact. In the period when the mother is absent on the spot, she has to go for a walk or to feed her puppies with additional heating, for this you need to use an electric heating pad.

Caring for newborn puppies requires constant inspection. On the 7-10th day, you need to start trimming the claws of the puppies, just a little bit, only sharp hooks. Trim the claws need once a week. It is necessary to do so that the puppies do not injure the tender skin of the mammary glands of the dog-mother with their claws.

Akita character
Character Akita InuKarakit is a combination of all the positive qualities that are inherent in other breeds. It may seem implausible, but Akita has practically no negative sides of character.…


American Akita dog breed
The breed of dogs American Akita is related to the Japanese Akita Inu. However, its breeding tightly engaged in America, from which the name of the breed. The sympathies of…