Akita Inu's Purpose Earlier Today
The purpose of Akita Inu earlier and today. The history of the Akita Inu breed begins in Japan. More than 8 thousand years ago they were used as a hunter.…

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The Meme Dog
Shiba Inu is a well-known breed of dogs, but on the Internet they love it especially: dogs become memes, successful bloggers and regularly get into the news. In late September,…

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Characteristic, description, character
Do you know the most famous Akita Inu? Of course, this Hachiko - the legendary dog, who became famous throughout the world for his loyalty. Color, weight and height Akita…

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Choose dog food

The dog is the faithful and devoted friend of every person who trusts his owner endlessly. That is why it is necessary to show your love for a pet every day, demonstrating it through affection, praise.

Regular communication with the dog, long walks in the fresh air, competent combination of physical activity and a balanced diet – an opportunity to show your love and care.

A person should be responsible with all responsibility to the health of his four-legged friend and choose the right food for the dog, because the development of the animal, the growth rate and the ability to reproduce offspring depend on the food. If you are in search of a balanced and complete feed, it is best to stop the choice on premium, super premium dog food from the German company Bosch Tiernahrung GmbH & Co.

About feed
Today, the German manufacturer Bosch is the world leader in the production of food for dogs and cats, which for many years stands out against other European manufacturers. A distinctive feature of Bosch products is a high-tech production, which is located in Germany.

The manufacturer carefully checks all the processes of production of goods (starting from the development of ration formulas to the final packaging). The quality of raw materials from which products are manufactured is confirmed by all necessary certificates.

As part of the feed a large content of meat, which is subjected to careful processing, while it is possible to maintain a maximum of nutrients for your pets. Doctors nutritionists take part in the development of feed lines, who do everything so that the composition is enriched with useful extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Assortment of feed
One of the significant benefits of food from the manufacturer Bosch – a variety of goods. You can choose the appropriate food depending on the age of the animal, its activity, special needs (pregnancy, high / low activity, allergies, sterilized animals, and so on).

For adults and adults with physiological features
MINI ADULT – designed for dogs weighing up to 15 kg, in the presence of two products (with lamb or poultry meat). The diet is adapted to the active metabolism of dogs of small breeds and supports the digestive tract.

ADULT is a practically universal food that will suit most medium sized dogs with medium mobility. In this line of dry food there are options suitable for improving the state of wool and skin. In the presence of food for dogs prone to indigestion.

MAXI ADULT – an irreplaceable complex of elements for large breeds. As part of a lot of ingredients needed to strengthen the bones and increase the elasticity of the joints.

ADULT MENUE – the right combination of meat and vegetable pellets. Increased protein combination.

SENSITIVE is the best solution for animals of all breeds with digestive problems, allergy tendency.

SPECIAL LIGHT is an option for dogs with problems with the urinary system and liver.

REPRODUCTION – menu for pregnant animals, nursing.

MINI SENIOR, SENIOR, MAXI SENIOR – dog food over 7 years old.

For babies
Special meals, calculated for pets under the age of 1 year. Kids require a special diet, because they actively gain weight, grow and develop, and the lack of useful elements will negatively affect their health.

PUPPY – suitable for babies up to 4 months.
MINI JUNIOR – product for miniature puppies.
MEDIUM JUNIOR – for representatives of medium breeds.
JUNIOR food for puppies with sensitive gastrointestinal tract.
MAXI JUNIOR – calculated for representatives of large breeds.

Depending on the level of activity
MINI LIGHT – for miniature dogs, low-calorie.
LIGHT — menu for overweight pets.
ACTIVE – for the restless and energetic.
ENERGY EXTRA – food for real hunters, which has a high energy value.

Composition of rations
Protein (meat of chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, ostrich).
Omega-3 (fish oil).
Saturated acids.
Cellulose (barley, wheat, rice).
Vitamins A and E (liver, blueberry).
Vitamin C (cranberries, peas).
Easily digestible carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, corn).

Product Benefits
This is a premium, super premium dog food that is available, certified and recognized worldwide.

The food is enriched with elements that are necessary for the normal development of the animal.

A wide selection of products allows you to correctly select food for any pet.

The manufacturer guarantees that among the ingredients there are no flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, colors, artificial preservatives.
If you want to buy the best dry dog ​​food, it is better to give preference to proven companies. Bosch professional fodder is the best value for money, food recognized all over the world.

This is the best solution for pets of various breeds, of any age, allergy sufferers and those who require special food. Be competent in choosing food for your pets.

The Meme Dog
Shiba Inu is a well-known breed of dogs, but on the Internet they love it especially: dogs become memes, successful bloggers and regularly get into the news. In late September,…


Brief description of the breed
Akita Inu is a large and noble breed of dog that was originally used to protect the royal family and nobles of feudal Japan. Also dogs were used for hunting…


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Akita Inu Breed
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