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The history of the origin of Akita inu

This breed appeared in the province called Akita, which is located on a Japanese island. Initially, it had a name – “Akitamatagi”, it was translated as “a dog that prey on bears.” This breed of dogs can be considered very ancient, because archaeologists have established that such dogs lived on the territory of modern Japan 8,000 years ago. Akita Inu is one of the main attractions of Japan, they even compose songs about it, and erect monuments.

The dogs of this breed were originally used for hunting bears, and other large animals. In the 18th century, they began to be appreciated even more, and only rich emperors could afford such a dog. Akita Inu was treated with great respect, each such dog had a personal servant. The owners spoke with such dogs only gently and calmly, and no one dared to offend them. This breed has repeatedly been on the verge of extinction, dogs of such a breed were reduced to fighting ones in order to arrange dog fights, they were also killed during the Second World War.

The dogs of this breed are considered faithful and loyal, and the famous representative of this breed is the dog Hachiko, about which two films were made. This dog lived with the professor, and every day he escorted him to work, and met him later, but one day the professor did not return. His master died, but he continued to wait for him anyway, and came every day at the same time to the station.

Akita Inu Character
Akita Inu has many of the best qualities, and is almost devoid of drawbacks. Puppies of this breed are very naughty and curious, they will not disregard anything around. With age, they become calmer, and this breed is distinguished by good intellectual abilities. Akita is considered to be a very obedient dog, but it is necessary to be engaged in its education from puppyhood age. Akita treats strangers calmly, but does not trust, but can show aggression to other dogs. These dogs see the enemy in another pet, which will occupy their territory, and can pounce on him.

Akita can be easily established in a family with children, because this calm, obedient and friendly dog ​​will not offend the child. Also, it will be an excellent companion for a lonely person. Akita really appreciate a good attitude, you shouldn’t scream at them, let alone beat them. With good education and attitude, the dog of this breed will give the owner all his love and devotion. Akits look independent, but in fact they are very attached to their master, and will always listen to him.
Akita-Inu Care
Akina-Inu do not require complex care, but it is necessary to attach importance to the care of wool. These dogs shed twice a year, and this process takes several weeks, during this period the wool must be combed daily. In other periods, you can comb out the wool less frequently, and such wool also does not need frequent bathing. Akites usually love water very much, but when bathing often, their wool deteriorates and skin problems may occur. Wool is not cut for such dogs, because it is rather short.

Particular attention should also be paid to the teeth of the dog, which are beginning to change from dairy to indigenous in 4 months. It is necessary to ensure that the milk teeth do not interfere with the growth of the molars, otherwise an abnormal bite will form, which only the vet can correct A dog needs to brush its teeth once a week, if possible, then it is possible more often. You can use as toothpaste for dogs, as well as regular, but special pastes have meat tasks that the pet will like more.

Eyes should be wiped daily with a wet even disc or cloth, you can moisten it in water and tea brewing. Once a week it is necessary to clean the ears of the dog, it is best to do this with a piece of cotton, you can also use a special lotion for cleaning the ears.

Akita Inu Health
Akita have good health, and strong immunity, but still they are located to some diseases. White dogs are often deaf from birth. Also, puppies have problems with the bone apparatus, in order to detect the disease in time, it is necessary to do an x-ray. Often they turn into intestines, but this can be avoided if you feed the dog correctly, and after walking, but not before. They have short intestines, and in order to digest food they need to lie down.

akin-inu puppies

There may be skin diseases or eye problems, in order to avoid and prevent them, you need to properly care for, daily inspect the dog.
The average life expectancy is 12-15 years.

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