Features of training
Raising a dog is not so much different from raising a child. This process should also be approached with great responsibility. Patience and tact - the key to successful animal…

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First Aid Dog
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American Akita dog breed
The breed of dogs American Akita is related to the Japanese Akita Inu. However, its breeding tightly engaged in America, from which the name of the breed. The sympathies of…


Akita Inu is a Japanese song
From the moment the modern Akita was created, with its unique and recognizable appearance, it has not actually changed. To date, there are several species in the world that have…

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Akita Inu Breed

Despite the excellent physical data, some dogs, although rarely, are susceptible to diseases, among which are hereditary and acquired.

One of the genetic ailments is dysplasia of the joints, which is capable of strongly affecting the hip joint, up to the immobilization of the animal. The cunning of the disease is that only a veterinarian can detect its mild degree, and when obvious symptoms appear, the dog’s movements are already disturbed.
Other diseases of Akita Inu are associated with the eyes: entropy (when the lower eyelid is wrapped inside), which can only be treated surgically, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal atrophy.
The result of improper care and nutrition can be a torsion of the stomach, so it is important to monitor whether the dog has enough physical activity and does not allow it to overeat.
Akita Inu Care
Akita Inu breed does not require special care. For this you should purchase a standard grooming kit for dogs:

Dog shampoo (look carefully at what age the product is intended for)
Brush for combing down
Nail clipper
Toothbrush and paste for dogs
Ear sticks, cotton
Combing Akita Inu dogs is recommended once a week, but carefully. Their coat is rather short, not requiring trimming and cutting. The breed is prone to frequent molting, during this period it is worth brushing wool every day.

Proper care of Akita Inu – a pledge of healthy teeth, coat. Teeth should be constantly inspected and cleaned, about once every week and a half. Fortunately, there are dental tools with a special taste that is pleasant to dogs (meat, fish).

Eyes should be periodically cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in boiled cold water or chamomile broth. This is worth doing if the dog has irritation after sand and dust.

Three or four times a month, the ears should be cleaned, since in this breed the auricles are in the open position, which allows dirt to accumulate there without obstacles. Dogs living in the apartment, such care is required less often.

Content in the apartment
Akita Inu in the apartment
Akita Inu requires constant long walks and outdoor activities every day. Therefore, this breed is not suitable for those who want to get yourself just a small dog. Akita are serious dogs with a hunting instinct that needs to be developed. Having received a sufficient amount of physical activity, your pet will be calm and satisfied all day.

Regardless of where the Akita is contained, she needs to be engaged. That in the apartment, that in the spacious open-air cage, the dog equally will only lie and eat if not to walk it. Buy special educational toys for walking. This will diversify the daily routine a bit and allow the dog to play on its own.

Akita Inu Puppies
When choosing Akita Inu puppies, future owners are interested in the peculiarities of their development. The period of childhood in puppies of this breed lasts up to 2 years, since Akita Inu are dogs of late development.

Do not choose a future pet from numerous litters, especially if it is not uniform in size by puppies. If you are offered a small flat litter – this is a great option, where you can pick up an option.

Japanese Akita puppies are curious, mischievous and cheerful. With age, these qualities are transformed into restraint, tranquility and external equanimity. Akita Inu puppies should not be afraid of loud noises. If you notice him aggressiveness and fear of sounds, perhaps she is mentally ill.

Even in childhood puppies know the measure in everything, they are unobtrusive. If the Akita wanted to play, then he will bring a toy, and when she gets tired of frolicking, she will stop playing. Dog breeding should start in the first months. But in the relationship between the owner and the pet, even hints of submission should be excluded, only cooperation and communication on an equal footing.

By its nature, an Akita-Inu puppy is a predator, so it is important to teach her the correct attitude to the household, especially children, so that unforeseen situations with the manifestation of a fighting character do not arise. Patience, affection, praise and delicacies are the main means in education.

Puppy in 2 months reaches weight from 7 to 10 kg. It is noteworthy that at this age, kids can have a black or gray instead of a white mask. Over time, by six months, it will become a traditional white – the hallmark of an adult Japanese Akita.

Akita Inu puppies should socialize from 2 months, it is important to communicate with all family members and guests.

Education, training
Akita Inu Education and Training
Each Akita Inu, like any dog, must be well trained or at least be elementary. This will prevent many unpleasant moments in your communication with this breed.

Akita Inu training is not an easy task. It must be carried out either by a very experienced host, or by a specially trained specialist. The upbringing of this breed must begin as a child, since this breed is distinguished by a dominant, wayward character, which in an adult state is fixed in an animal.

The history of the origin of Akita inu
This breed appeared in the province called Akita, which is located on a Japanese island. Initially, it had a name - "Akitamatagi", it was translated as "a dog that prey…


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