Interesting Facts About Akita Inu
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Characteristic, description, character

Do you know the most famous Akita Inu? Of course, this Hachiko – the legendary dog, who became famous throughout the world for his loyalty.

Color, weight and height
Akita Inu: color, weight and height
In modern cynology, the Japanese Akita Inu is characterized as a dog that combines decorative and hunting characteristics.

Akita dogs can grow up to 75 cm in males, bitches smaller – up to 64 cm at the withers. Weight ranges from 40 to 45 kg and from 32 to 45 kg in males and bitches, respectively.

For Akita, there are only three color variations: red with white and uragero, brindle with white and with absolutely white.

Interesting! Urajiro is a characteristic adopted for Japanese dogs. Means: white coat color on the inside of the limbs, chest, abdomen, neck below, face mask, exciting cheeks, nose, chin. Symmetry, clarity and absence of fragments of another color are typical for urajiro.

Akita –inu differ in life expectancy of 10-12 years. Well-built, strong, strong and muscular – this is Akita. The dog’s muzzle is slightly bearish-like due to the short muzzle and flat head. Also, the shape of the ears, small eyes and a broad forehead give even more similarity to the animal for which he was bred.

Akita Inu Description
Huge dignity, restraint and tranquility – these are the features that speak of the “east” of the breed. But under this calmness there is a living mind and the ability to control oneself in any situation. You can draw a parallel with the Japanese samurai: they rarely show emotions, be it joy or sadness. She selflessly guards her territory, is distrustful of strangers, and her loyalty is brought to the absolute.

They are cunning. So remaining indifferent in appearance, they carefully hide their interest, for example, by a stranger who has come to visit. However, their friendliness has no limits: they are friends with all pets, including cats. Friendship is even tighter if pets grew up together. This is explained by the fact that Akita-Inu has an accurate and developed memory, that is, they remember everything, up to mimicry, words, commands. The perfection of memory comes to the point that they can remember that they ate a month ago in a certain period of time. Impressive? Amazing creatures!

Character and temperament
Akita Inu: Character and Temperament
Akita Inu owners are not cunning when they say that their dog is devoid of negative traits. It really is. Akita – the focus of the positive aspects in the character and behavior that are common to all other breeds combined. In childhood, this is mischief and playfulness, which are not accompanied by mood swings. But she has one trait that can bring inconvenience to her owners, an irrepressible curiosity and a desire to “shove her little face into the thick of the events.” It is these properties that explain why a small Akita –I sometimes get too much. But along with childhood, this quality also disappears. But be prepared to tolerate your pet’s curiosity longer than usual, so Akita has a childhood of up to 2-25 years.

Growing up Akita brings composure, restraint and equanimity. You will be surprised how once a puppy wants to get into everything, demonstrates indifference, for example, to strangers. But it is a matter of necessity.

Akita is a true family friend, and for singles it is an indispensable companion who zealously protects its own territory.

But do not forget that the character of Akita Inu is formed under the action of hunting instincts. He is a hunter, therefore early training and socialization of a dog is an obligatory stage in his upbringing. This should be taken into account by dog ​​owners. She is easily trained. Owners who complain about stubbornness during class must determine what goes wrong in their training.

Individuality is inherent in the character of the Akita, so she does not know how and does not want to work in a team. And does not like sharing the location of the owners with someone else. She can show an act of aggression against “non-family members” and other dogs. Akita Inu barks infrequently, but only when there is a need for it.

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