Colors Akita Inu, Siba Inu and BLA
Recently, the breed began to gain popularity, there were already several “About Breed” on Picaba, only there were not only Akita, but also BYAS (Am. Akita), Siba-Inu. So let me…

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American Akita dog breed
The breed of dogs American Akita is related to the Japanese Akita Inu. However, its breeding tightly engaged in America, from which the name of the breed. The sympathies of…

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Brief description of the breed

Akita Inu is a large and noble breed of dog that was originally used to protect the royal family and nobles of feudal Japan. Also dogs were used for hunting wild boar, bear and deer. The animal is fearlessly and insanely faithful to its family. Akitoo Inu is very difficult to scare with something, this is a dog that is unlikely to depart from the intended goal. In this case, the pet is very funny, of course, this can be achieved only in the case of training the dog.

Akita Inu has a peculiar appearance: a large head and several small triangular eyes. The strong body of the dog is the main factor that acts fearfully on the enemy. The breed is known for its unshakable loyalty to the owner, kindness and tenderness to loved ones. What could be better than having such a strong and loving patron?

Dogs of this breed are not prone to strong barking, but at the same time remain quite “vocal”. The fact is that Akita Inu are prone to release various sounds similar to grunt, snort, moan, etc. Some owners say they get the impression that the dog is talking to itself, muttering to himself. Representatives of this amazing breed are quite cautious of strangers, but if the owner is nearby, then the dog is restrained and does not show aggression or other attention to outsiders.

Akita Inu loves to carry various things in his teeth. It may come to the fact that the pet will slightly grab you by the wrist and try to drag it somewhere. Do not take this gesture as aggression. In fact, this is a manifestation of pet attention. Often, dogs of this breed hide slippers and personal items, they can wear a leash or, conversely, bring it to you. Thus, the animal shows its desire to walk.

An unusual feature that belongs to dogs, Akita Inu breeds, is the so-called. “Feline behavior.” These animals love to lick their body. Also the way of hunting belongs to the cat manifestations. The animal behaves like a tiger. Akita Inu track down prey silently, pushing the body low to the ground, and at the right moment attack. Unlike other Akita dogs, an Inu will not bark or growl.

Before acquiring an Akita Inu, it is important to study all the nuances of raising and maintaining a dog. These pets, like other animals, react poorly to aggression and harsh upbringing methods. The whole learning process should be built on mutual understanding and establishing contact between the pet and the owner. Remember that a dog is a full member of the family who needs love and respect.

Be prepared for the fact that training and training of Akita Inu will take longer than training other breeds. Although the Akita is a smart enough dog, but a somewhat wayward, stubborn character will not remain unnoticed.

Akita Inu are very sociable and social. They need a lot of communication, so they should spend a lot of time with their families. That communication will be the key in the process of training and training. In no case do not resort to the content of Akita Inu in the yard. The dog must live with you under the same roof! Loneliness for such dogs is destructive, the animal will become nervous and aggressive.

Akita Inu is not suitable for people who want to have a calm dog, as well as for the category of dog breeders who are afraid of serious responsibility. The animal will be a real gift only for those who are willing to invest all their attention and love in the education of the pet, its proper training. Such a host will be generously rewarded.

When choosing a Akita puppy, an Inu should determine its variety. The fact is that there are two standards of this breed: American and Japanese. The Japanese Akita Inu is much smaller than the American one, both in height and in weight. The weight of the Japanese variety is about 15 kg less than the American one. The head of a Japanese dog resembles a fox head in shape, which cannot be said of the American one, which has a larger and wider head. Another feature is the eyes. In the American variety, they have a triangular shape, while in Japanese dogs they are more rounded. American Akita has a black mark on the face, white spots are typical for the Japanese.

Such significant differences were the subject of discussions about the official division of the breed. Despite the large number of those who support the idea of ​​dividing the Akita Inu into two breeds, this issue is still the subject of long disputes.

The natural hunting instincts of the Akita Inu have not disappeared in its long history. Now they are manifested in the tendency of dogs to frolic in the water and in the forest. These dogs can chase waterfowl while the owner is fishing on the shore.

Despite many discussions and disputes, the fact that the Akita Inu is a really strong, fearless and devoted dog, with remarkable character traits and amazing appearance, remains incontrovertible.

Brief description of the breed
Akita Inu is a large and noble breed of dog that was originally used to protect the royal family and nobles of feudal Japan. Also dogs were used for hunting…


Akita Inu Breed
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