Akita Inu's Purpose Earlier Today
The purpose of Akita Inu earlier and today. The history of the Akita Inu breed begins in Japan. More than 8 thousand years ago they were used as a hunter.…

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Akita Inu - Japanese Pride
Akita Inu - Japanese pride and a symbol of loyalty. This dog combines the most amazing traits. A calm and moderately proud breed will be a loyal friend and reliable…

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Akita Inu Content
Care, maintenance and nutrition. The content of Akita Inu does not require special conditions. They can perfectly exist both in an apartment and in an open-air cage on the street;…


Nutrition Akita Inu. What to feed Akita.
The basis of food Akita Inu in his native Japan, are rice, fish, other seafood, algae, a fairly large number of vegetables. Purebred akits for generations are adapted to this…

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Akita character

Character traits of this unique dog are not at all difficult to describe, since they are inherent only in Akita and have been preserved by it for many centuries. The man did not greatly change this dog, but, probably, it is impossible to do this, since Akita is so independent and self-confident that it is able to make the right decisions on its own.

The dog of this breed is distinguished by extraordinary intelligence, courage and endurance. When you talk to her, you see eyes that radiate complete understanding. It is also surprising that the owner is always able to determine her desires according to the behavior of his dog.

Akita Inu is a Bonsai. On Akita as well as on Bonsai, I want to watch for hours, Akita is a sculpture that you need to create and create yourself. Forming a bonsai is always a compromise and cooperation, as well as with Akita. A person cannot create a bonsai himself, just like a tree cannot. Everything should be based on the principles of cooperation and understanding, and this takes a long time … Only on the principles of cooperation and understanding will you grow your Akita with your bonsai. With the help of wire, water and light, covering with a cloth, planting grass, taking water, covering the roots with plating, a person explains to the tree what he wants from him. Explain Akita what you want exactly, you need to spend a lot of time on it, but you will find strength and patience in yourself.

If the directions are clear enough, the tree will respond to them and be obedient. Almost … Just like Akita. This is the slowest sculpture in the world, and sometimes there is a doubt who here is a sculptor – a man or Akita …

Almost all the individuals of this breed are excellent guards. Akita protects not only the territory entrusted to her, but also their owners. However, above all and most of all, the Akita dog has been the best and extremely reliable friend of man since ancient times. Her legendary loyalty, loyalty and love for her master are so widely known that Akita has the status of a deity in her homeland. It is impossible to count the number of statues erected for the purpose of worshiping this dog. There are many stories, legends, legends dedicated to Akita’s courage and devotion. Akita is a dog seeking excellence. She is proud and self-confident. This dog does honor to a person with whom he is friends, and it will obey only to someone whom he truly respects and considers worthy to dominate himself. The Japanese characterize Akita ken with two words – “innate valor” and believe that this says it all, and there is no point in bothering to list such virtues as calmness, balance, tenderness, kindness, rigor, firmness, ignorance of neither fear nor timidity.

Akita is a charming dog that combines an elegant appearance and unique character. Two representatives of the same sex can seriously quarrel with each other, whereas heterosexual dogs rarely quarrel.

Guide to keeping dogs Akita.

a. Reproduction.

In females, estrus begins between the sixth and tenth months, and the period usually lasts 17-18 days. Ovulation occurs about the 14th day at this time it is necessary to produce crossbreeding dogs.
The cable usually matures from the 10th month. Before selecting a proper breeding male, the dog’s pedigree is studied. The gestation period is about 60 days, and the bitch’s weight changes by about 350 to 500 grams. Puppy weight after birth increases – approximately 50 grams per day, up to a maximum of 150 grams per day. After the first month, the dog weighs approximately 2 to 3 kilograms, and 6 to 7 kilograms per two months, and at 6 months the dog reaches about 80% of the weight of the mature individual. If the litter is large then 4 or 5 puppies should be selected. If puppies are not selected, then the breed will not improve.

b. Care.

Two weeks after the birth, the puppies open their eyes and they start walking. Every three weeks from the first meal it is necessary to carry out prevention against worms.

In cold climatic conditions, in winter it is necessary to maintain the temperature around 20-25 ° C and soften food a little.

During the first three weeks, it is necessary to gradually bring the puppies out into the sunlight. In the past, rice with fish or dried small sardines or meat with green vegetables was used to feed dogs, but today dogs use common food.

In our veterinary clinic, many pets come with constipation, which is often due to the heavy food that consists of dried little sardines. If you feed the dogs with rice, you need to add bone meal, dried small sardines, cuttlefish and shark meat or fish foods. Milk can cause diarrhea. Greens, vegetables and fruits are used in food, as carnivores lack the necessary digestive enzymes.

Breast feeding puppies stop after 45-50 days. During this period, you need to select only promising puppies for breeding, and get rid of the rest. This is a must for breeding.

AKITA-INU Country of Origin: Japan Height: 64 - 70 cm (male); 58 - 64 cm (bitch) Weight: 40 - 45 kg (male); 32 - 45 kg (bitch) Content in the…


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Do you know the most famous Akita Inu? Of course, this Hachiko - the legendary dog, who became famous throughout the world for his loyalty. Color, weight and height Akita…