Akita Inu's Purpose Earlier Today
The purpose of Akita Inu earlier and today. The history of the Akita Inu breed begins in Japan. More than 8 thousand years ago they were used as a hunter.…

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Brief description of the breed
Akita Inu is a large and noble breed of dog that was originally used to protect the royal family and nobles of feudal Japan. Also dogs were used for hunting…

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American Akita dog breed
The breed of dogs American Akita is related to the Japanese Akita Inu. However, its breeding tightly engaged in America, from which the name of the breed. The sympathies of…


Characteristic, description, character
Do you know the most famous Akita Inu? Of course, this Hachiko - the legendary dog, who became famous throughout the world for his loyalty. Color, weight and height Akita…

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Japanese Akita Inu dog breed

Akita Inu – Japanese noble and large breed of dogs. These dogs are popular not only because of their appearance, but also because of their captivating character. In Japan, it is considered a symbol of longevity and well-being. Before you start an Akita, you should learn more about the features of its education and content.

Akita Inu: description, photo, cost of breed Hachiko
Akita Inu: breed characteristic
It is quite simple to describe the character of Akita, because such traits are inherent only in this breed. Akita puppies are playful, although they show dignity from an early age.

Akita Inu are fairly balanced dogs. They possess both a proud temper and devotion. Akita is an extremely intelligent, hardy and brave dog. Because of this, she can make independent decisions and act as she sees fit. By the behavior of the Akita, the owner will always understand what the dog wants.

Akita is a faithful and reliable friend of man. It protects primarily the owner, and not only the territory. There are legends about her devotion, and the story of Hachiko is a wonderful confirmation of this. These friendly dogs get along well with children, they do not lose interest in games even in adulthood. Family is their priority.

Akita Inu has a very well-developed memory; they remember the commands, the owner’s mimicry, and even the details of their life. Akita matures quite late, her character is fully formed by two years, but it is worth starting to train the dog at an early age. Although this may be difficult, even despite the developed intelligence of the dog. Therefore, proceed to training with even, but not strong intensity.

Akita Inu: breed characteristic
What is the difference between Akita Inu and Shiba Inu?

Akita does not tolerate contempt for themselves, even going on a walk, remember that you do not walk it, but take a walk together. This companion dog does not like excessive tenderness, it must feel equality.

Akita will show little aggression only if it is absolutely necessary, for example, on a walk, because it tends to dominate when dealing with unfamiliar dogs, especially small breeds that bark without cause. But with other animals in the house she gets on very well, especially if she grew up with them.

Care and maintenance of Akita Inu
Akita Inu is a picky dog. You can keep it in an apartment or house, or on the street. Do not be afraid to leave her in the aviary, even in the harshest winter, because the warm “coat” will not let her freeze. But Akita should not spend the winter on the cold land, take care of the warm booth for your pet. If you decide to keep an Akita in an apartment, be sure to walk it a few hours 2 times a day.

After you decide to take your puppy home, you should learn how to care for an Akita Inu. This breed of dog has excellent hair of medium length and soft undercoat, which require constant care. To brush it costs 1-2 times a week with the help of several versatile combs. During shedding, Akita Inu hair care should be done every day. Akita shed profusely several weeks twice a year. Their wool does not need a haircut and trimming.

Akita claws need to be trimmed every two weeks, especially for puppies, as they interfere with the correct location of the paws. But bath procedures should be taken 2-3 times a year, but not more often. After the walk it is worth simply wiping the paws and wiping the dog with a cloth if it is dirty more than usual.

Nutrition Akita Inu. What to feed Akita.
The basis of food Akita Inu in his native Japan, are rice, fish, other seafood, algae, a fairly large number of vegetables. Purebred akits for generations are adapted to this…


Fact 1 - Akita Inu Akita Inu dogs, as well as a variety of objects depicting them, in the Land of the Rising Sun symbolize well-being, good health and family…