Akita Inu's Purpose Earlier Today
The purpose of Akita Inu earlier and today. The history of the Akita Inu breed begins in Japan. More than 8 thousand years ago they were used as a hunter.…

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The Meme Dog
Shiba Inu is a well-known breed of dogs, but on the Internet they love it especially: dogs become memes, successful bloggers and regularly get into the news. In late September,…

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Akita character
Character Akita InuKarakit is a combination of all the positive qualities that are inherent in other breeds. It may seem implausible, but Akita has practically no negative sides of character.…


Hachiko for the champion
Olympic champion Phenchkhana-2018 Alina Zagitova, it seems, will still receive the gift she dreamed of. This is not a foreign car or an apartment. This is a puppy of Japanese…

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American Akita vs Akita Inu

Many people do not understand that American Akita and Akita Inu are two different breeds. But what distinguishes them?
American Akita and Akita Inu have differences in color, body shape, size and personality.
The size

American Akita surpasses its Japanese cousin in height and weight.
The height of Akita Inu is 58-70 cm, weight 23-39 kg
The height of the American Akita – 61-71 cm, weight – 36-66 kg

American Akita has all colors and markings. Some even have black masks and white spots on their foreheads. Akita Inu has four colors: brindle, red deer, red fawn with black tips and white. They have no black masks.
Body shape

American Akita and Akita Inu also differ in the size and shape of the head and the structure of the eyes. The American Akita has a wide head and small deep eyes that resemble a bear. In contrast, Akita Inu has a fox face and almond-shaped eyes.
Body shape is also different in these two breeds. The American Akita has a stocky, muscular body with large bones, and the Akita Inu seems to have a thinner assembly.

American Akita Akita Inu
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Both breeds have similar temperaments, but some subtle differences deserve attention.
Dogs of both breeds are independent and stubborn, loyal and good protectors. Both eschew strangers and don’t get along with small pets.

Both breeds are very affectionate and loving with their masters. They can be aggressive towards other dogs, but gentle, compassionate and trusting their owners.
They are also very clean dogs that rarely bark. However, this does not mean that they are silent! Dogs of both breeds are known for their “talkativeness”, they grumble, grunts, groan and mumble, communicating in this way with their owners.
Dogs of both breeds are very similar in character, and if you decide to get one of them, then you need to decide who you like best – a bear cub or a chanterelle.

Akita Colors
AKITA breed is characterized by three main colors, which are approved by the breed standard. The fourth color, til, is recognized by FCI but is not welcome in Japanese breeding.The…


Features of training
Raising a dog is not so much different from raising a child. This process should also be approached with great responsibility. Patience and tact - the key to successful animal…