Akita Colors
AKITA breed is characterized by three main colors, which are approved by the breed standard. The fourth color, til, is recognized by FCI but is not welcome in Japanese breeding.The…

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Japanese Akita Inu dog breed
Akita Inu - Japanese noble and large breed of dogs. These dogs are popular not only because of their appearance, but also because of their captivating character. In Japan, it…

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Akita Dogs
In late November 1923, a Akita Inu puppy was born on the outskirts of the Japanese town of Odate (Akita Prefecture). Strictly speaking, he later became a puppy of this…


Interesting Facts About Akita Inu
Akita Inu is one of the oldest Japanese breeds, which will be an excellent companion and friend for humans. This is one of the most calm, loyal, friendly and faithful…

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Akita Inu’s Purpose Earlier Today

The purpose of Akita Inu earlier and today.
The history of the Akita Inu breed begins in Japan. More than 8 thousand years ago they were used as a hunter. Already in the 18th century, these dogs were considered privileged, they could be found in the palaces of high-ranking officials, where each animal had an individual servant.

Later, the Akita Inu breed became more accessible, they were kept to participate in dog fights and were crossed with more powerful and larger dogs. In the early 20th century, Japanese breeders began to revive the purity of the breed. The maximum popularity of Akita won after the famous film “Hachiko”, which caused a storm of positive emotions among viewers.

Today, this breed is widely distributed throughout the world. The main purpose of akits is hunting, but, more often, they are started up as a best friend and protector.

Training and education.
The process of training Akita Inu is quite complicated and lengthy, especially in the absence of experience with this breed. Willfulness and unpredictability of dogs requires patience and perseverance. In order to educate a calm and docile dog, you need to stock up on a lot of free time.

It is necessary to educate Akita immediately after the appearance of the dog as a member of the family. The first thing to do is to instill respect for each family member and avoid the emergence of various negative habits, for example: spoiling things and ignoring comments.

The process of training should occur consistently and regularly. The owner must be patient and firm in their teams. It is important not to raise your voice and not show your superiority to the dog, as it can withdraw and be offended, feeling the pressure and rudeness. It can take a lot of time to execute a single command, but you can’t stop and give in to prevent the appearance of negative traits.

It is necessary to explain to the puppy that you are not only a friend, but also the owner. They should not allow themselves to excess, but should feel on a par with a person. From childhood it is necessary to explain to the dog how it should relate to the owners, strangers and other animals. You can not shout or beat your pet, it is better to encourage her delicious delicacies for the smallest successes and do not skimp on the praise.

Full maturity of Akita Inu comes 2 years after birth. After the onset of this age, raising a dog is impossible. Despite the unique mental abilities and ingenuity, Akita will not be able to develop the necessary level of intelligence, which is valued in this breed.

The socialization of the Akita Inu breed also requires special attention. By nature, these dogs are dominant, they very often show their superiority over any other animal. For quality education, you can contact the special institutions where they train dogs of a given breed.

Akita Inu Character
They are intelligent, very devoted animals, they have a wonderful memory. Dogs from an early age are playful, restless. Important! Akita's puppy age lasts up to 2.5 years. With age,…


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