Akita Inu Character
They are intelligent, very devoted animals, they have a wonderful memory. Dogs from an early age are playful, restless. Important! Akita's puppy age lasts up to 2.5 years. With age,…

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Who and why gave Putin an Akita Inu dog named Yume?
Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Moscow with representatives of the Japanese media showed them an Akita Inu dog named Yume, which was presented to the Russian leader…

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Brief description of the breed
Akita Inu is a large and noble breed of dog that was originally used to protect the royal family and nobles of feudal Japan. Also dogs were used for hunting…

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First Aid Dog

First aid to a dog may be required in First Aid when a dog is poisoned at any time. You, as a responsible dog breeder, must be prepared for any situations. Sometimes the pet’s life depends on first aid, because the arrival of specialists at the site or the self-transportation of an animal to a veterinary clinic takes time, and when a dog’s life is calculated in minutes, any delay threatens to kill her.

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